Why Eva Marie Has Disappeared From WWE TV

A backstage update on Eva Marie's ongoing absence from WWE Raw.

Eva Marie

Eva Marie is currently off WWE television as she is filming a movie.

This is according to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and comes following a prior report from PWInsider's Mike Johnson stating that the former All Red Everything would be taking an extended period away from the company.

Eva hasn't been seen on Raw since late September, when she was taken out by Shayna Baszler in an injury angle designed to send her away from the show for a while. This came after Marie had already lost a feud with Doudrop, her former tag team partner, who beat her in two consecutive matches on the 13 and 20 September episodes of Raw.


The former Celebrity Big Brother cast member has been back on WWE TV since May, when her Eva-Lution vignettes started airing. Reports of her seemingly imminent return went as far back as October 2020, however, when it was reported that she had quietly re-signed with the company.

Reintroduced through her odd-couple partnership with Doudrop, the rebranded Piper Niven, Marie made her first live WWE appearance since August 2016 on the 13 June 2021 episode of Raw.

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