Why WWE's New Faction Is Already Doomed To Fail

Yes, we don't even know who's in it yet. No, it doesn't matter.


Ahead of last night's wildly nonsensical but perversely entertaining Monday Night RAW, WWE's official Twitter account promised the debut of a new faction. The copy read " has learned that a new faction is arriving on #WWERAW tonight. What does the alliance have in store for the red brand?"

The hashtags and marketing-speak undermined the premise before we even learned of it. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet provided additional information: "From what we’re told, the group is set to “cause chaos” in WWE from a storyline standpoint and use any means necessary to get the attention of management. Our sources say the “chaos” is being caused by the group in an effort to loosen control over WWE Superstars and change the way the organization operates," Satin claimed, using, oddly, WWE-speak.

WWE is saved! They are addressing the institutional rot onscreen!

That's it. It's f*cked already. Advertising a renegade group ahead of time is profoundly oxymoronic. Let's invite a rebel force over the border, eh? Might make for good telly!

WWE has neither the conviction nor the elegance to get this over. WWE's latest faction failed before they debuted, much less failed to debut as scheduled.

Actually, did they debut?

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