Wrestling Legend Shoots On Vince McMahon & WWE "Erasing Triple H's Legacy"

Is Vince McMahon quickly erasing Triple H's WWE legacy on purpose or not?

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Recent moving and shaking within WWE's power structure has led some fans to believe that Vince McMahon is trying to erase Triple H's legacy.

Jim Cornette discussed this subject on his latest podcast, but the wrestling legend doesn't think that's what McMahon is necessarily trying to do. In fact, Cornette claims that Vince is simply going along with whatever Nick Khan says - Jim also reckons McMahon was flustered when he properly investigated NXT.

That led to significant changes in WWE's developmental wing. Cornette thinks that, more so than some bold bid to eradicate Hunter's hard work, is why the company rebranded NXT as 2.0 late last year.


On Vince's approach to business, Corny said that the WWE chief would "cut his nuts off if he has to". McMahon's entire mindset is geared towards making the promotion as successful as possible. That, at least to Jim, doesn't involve undercutting family members just to prove a point.

Cornette can picture Vince going down to take a look at NXT and finding "a bunch of small interchangeable indy workers, and not the talent or the devoted audience that they had".

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