Wrestling Timelines: The Ministry Of Darkness

How it all went down... moment by moment.

In total, The Ministry Of Darkness was only featured on then-WWF programming for around 8 months in 1999. Looking beyond the actual proper formation of the members who would make up the group, however, the seeds for the faction were sown months beforehand at the tail end of 1998. One shocking act from The Undertaker heralded the arrival of the Ministry, before the stable was officially announced on television by the 'Lord Of Darkness' himself. Much like many other storylines during the much-loved 'Attitude' Era, the tale of The Ministry Of Darkness was a quick-moving blur of events and matches. It really seemed that Vince McMahon and his team of writers (including one Vince Russo) were flying by the seat of their pants with the angle, looking to up the stakes each week by presenting something new and interesting. This article takes wrestling fans through the storyline from beginning to end, including such meaty events as the revelation of who was the 'Higher Power' as well as the union between The Ministry Of Darkness and The Corporation. There's an argument to be made that the WWF ruined the story by attempting to bring things back to Steve Austin's feud with Mr. McMahon, but it's still a fondly remembered tale. Here's how it all went down.

22. Paul Bearer Reunites With The Undertaker At Judgment Day (October 18, 1998)

Having been by his side since the debut of the character, Paul Bearer turned on Kane at October's Judgment Day pay-per-view. Even more shockingly, he once again returned to the side of The Undertaker. This marked a heel turn for 'The Deadman', becoming the top villain in the WWF. It was also a move to set the scene for the following evening's Raw broadcast.

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