Wrestling's 10 Biggest Opportunities Of 2014

A to-do list if wrestling wants to go from strength to strength next year.

Wrestling, like everything else, has its shares of ups and downs, and 2013 was no different. Booking is by far the biggest Achille's heel in wrestling today, and booking mistakes are a quick way to guarantee missed opportunities. Here's hoping the WWE and TNA can get it together in 2014, for everyone's sake. In order to be in a position to succeed, wrestling needs to be revamped and maybe even overhauled. Will that happen? No, probably not, but let's hope some steps are taken in the right direction in 2014. Now I hate to always be the pessimist so I will say the WWE did some things right: The Authority pushing their egos aside for a minute in order to give Punk and Bryan their moments was special. It was real, it was organic; the fans chose them and The Authority put them in a position to succeed, even if it was only for 15 minutes. The WWE did however drop the ball with the Wyatts' debut but that's another article for another day. As for TNA? Don't get me started. Regardless of what company you root for, they both have massive opportunities to improve business in 2014, and here's 10 reasons how.
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