Wrestling's 10 Biggest Opportunities Of 2014

10. Tag Team Wrestling

A seemingly dying art form, tag team wrestling hasn't been relevant in quite a while. Great tag teams are so important in wrestling, and it amazes me that the WWE or TNA hasn't put their best foot forward by letting tag teams take centre stage. If by some strange miracle the WWE decides to take tag teams seriously in 2014, there could be a huge opportunity to grow the product. It's no secret that a lot of great superstars started out by teaming up with someone. Why they think that wouldn't be the case now is ludicrous. Take the Prime Time Players for example: Titus O'Neal is clearly starting to shine and set himself apart from Darren Young. Let's face it, Darren Young is probably a future endeavored superstar. Look at what Team Hell No did for Daniel Bryan. Even though he may have already been on the rise, Daniel Bryan catapulted himself into one of the top faces of the company, and Team Hell No was a big reason why. If you look at the tag teams in wrestling now, how many would you consider elite? I'm thinking 4, maybe 5: the Rhodes brothers, any 2 members of The Shield, The Real Americans (who for some reason continued to get buried), The Wyatts, and Bad Influence of TNA. Five elite tag teams between two companies, are kidding me? That's just plain embarrassing. Someone needs to breath new life into the tag team division. As of now, there just isn't much to look forward to.
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