Wrestling's 10 Greatest Kay-Baes

9. Nidia

AJ Lee

Nidia Guenard, the first female winner of wrestling reality show Tough Enough, came into her own when she was paired with Jamie Noble. On screen the two were a trashy redneck couple, with Nidia putting her man’s interests before her own. Though she didn’t personally hold a title, she was instrumental to Noble’s Cruiserweight Championship success.

As well as proving a necessity to Noble’s victories, Nidia also played off him well, adding some comedy to the traditional chickens**t heel trope.

Following her meddling in another of Noble’s matches, however, Nidia was blinded by Tajiri’s Black Mist, a particularly venomous version akin to battery acid.

In the end, the despicable Noble even found a way to make a kayfabe-blind Nidia an instrument in his cheating ways. He used his TV girlfriend as an unwitting human shield and belittled any opponent who would accidentally strike her. Nidia eventually turned on Noble when she became wise to this tactic, however. The couple broke up, cumulating in a blindfolded match at No Way Out 2004; A bout in which Noble cheated his way to victory.

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