The Undertaker's 10 Most Embarrassing Moments

The Streak is over. Long live The Streak. The Undertaker has been one of the most recognizable WWE Superstars for nearly two and half decades. In that time he has become one of the most respected men in and out of the squared circle. For some time now his matches at Wrestlemania have become almost larger than the event itself, with wild speculation each year who, if anyone, would beat his undefeated streak at that event. He has long since boasted one of the most unique and anticipated entrances often utilizing darkness, smoke, lightning and of course, druids. The sound of the gong alone has always been enough to capture the imagination of fans at arenas and at home. From his start as a seemingly un-dead mortician through his Ministry of Darkness days, American Bad Ass biker phase and until now, as a cross breed of all those ideas, Undertaker has had his share of absolutely enthralling and memorable moments. Many of which fans have been reliving and talking about following his Wrestlemania loss to Brock Lesnar, a match that may actually have been his last. With every good side must come a bad and while Undertaker has been involved in so many great feuds and productions over the years he's also been in his fair share of awkward and downright embarrassing situations. Many of these have occurred due to the occult nature of his character but often things just went too far. While everyone should certainly celebrate all the good Undertaker has accomplished over the years it is not disrespectful to also relive some of the more questionable moments. It's all just part of the fun that is the Legacy of the Dean Man.

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