WWE: 10 Mansions Where Wrestling's Biggest Superstars Live

Being a Pro Wrestler is a gruelling gig, early starts, late finishes and literally getting beat up for a living. Being in WWE often means that superstars only get one day off a week at the place they call home, with the majority of their time spent living out of a suitcase in a hotel. When they do get home however, they enjoy the lap of luxury in most cases. Even the bottom rung of the WWE roster are making solid six figure sums, with the top guys easily banking over a million dollars a year. What do they spend that money on? Huge fancy mansions of course. If they're only going to be home once a week they want to make sure they're in the greatest home possible! This latest feature will detail the range of impressive houses that wrestling superstars have acquired. We will show you photos of the house and give you the wrestler's address. Where we can we'll make an estimate on how much the property is worth and how much the superstar is making a year. Some former stars will be included and we have picked the houses that are most impressive, but we did include one mid carder on the list to give an idea of what an average guy can get for himself these days. Not everyone in WWE is the type of person to plunge their money into property of course. We have omitted Daniel Bryan from this list because he chooses to live in a basic looking apartment the type of which you'll see in any city. He mentioned on the Steve Austin podcast that his biggest consideration in living place was how best the airport connection is, a factor that's vitally important for many talent who are constantly having to fly somewhere! As such Bryan lives near the airport hub of Phoenix Arizona, with other stars mostly basing themselves around Atlanta Georgia, Orlando Florida or New York. Let's take a look at wrestlers living the high life in these superstar mansions ...
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