WWE: 10 Mansions Where Wrestling's Biggest Superstars Live

10. Vince McMahon

Who better to start with than the boss himself? You always knew Vince McMahon would want to do his house bigger and better than everyone else, and this huge Greenwich Connecticut property certainly impresses. Vince has a large driveway, considerable gardens, a pool and conservatory area. The property itself is over three floors and we can speculate at least seven bedrooms judging from the house length and windows. You are easily looking at a figure in the multiple millions for the property. That's no problem for Vince of course, he was recently announced as a legitimate billionaire by Forbes magazine and has had this property for many, many years. Famously when he first moved to the neighbourhood he found the other residents snobby to his wrestling profile - which ended up inspiring him to do the Hunter Hearst Helmsley character! The neighbours must be used to Vince by now, he also owns an estate adjacent to this one as part of the McMahon Family dwellings.
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