WWE: 10 Original NXT Graduates Who Have Had The Most Success

NXT ran from 2010-12 in its initial incarnation, and was for the most part some of the most original programming that WWE would put out on a weekly basis - and not always in a good way. Many of the rookies featured on NXT - most notably the Season One rookies who rose to notoriety as part of the Nexus stable - have since gone on to make their mark on the WWE proper. Whilst the new and improved NXT is finely tuned to give its rookies the exposure and experience necessary to flourish on the biggest stage of them all, this incarnation of NXT was a strange mix between pro wrestling and reality competition. As time wore on, the original NXT veered further and further into madness, and as such its roster had to really work to make the material work. Those on this list were amongst the few that made their mark on NXT and as a reward have gone on to cave out their niche in the WWE - to varying degrees of success.
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