WWE: 10 Original NXT Graduates Who Have Had The Most Success

10. Brodus Clay

After two years working as the fun-loving Funkasaurus, in recent weeks Brodus Clay has begun to establish himself as a 'main event player' - at least in name. Clay has spent recent months tagging with Tensai, who has no doubt been imparting his considerable experience on working as a big man on the still relatively young Clay, and it seems clear that the intention is for Clay to fill the role of the big-man heel going forward. With wrestlers like the Big Show and Mark Henry getting closer to the end of their careers, Clay certainly has the opportunity to fill what will be a considerable gulf over the next few days. However, thus far Clay has had a middling run in the WWE. Whilst he has no doubt captured the imagination of younger audiences with his funk-loving dinosaur persona, he hasn't really had any major feuds or storylines to get his teeth into. However, Clay's new role as a villain may lead to some meatier storylines for him - it's certainly high time for him to really make his mark as current NXT rookie Alexander Rusev works a similar style and is proving to a be a hot prospect for the future.
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