WWE: 10 Perfect Matches You Could Describe As 'Art'

'At what point does smashing another man's head into a turnbuckle become something akin to beauty?' - Oscar Wilde, maybe.

Professional wrestling is an art form. It takes elements of performance, acting, athletics, writing and even comedy, combining them in one melting pot and create an entirely unique product. The wrestlers commit to their characters, storylines, matches and most of all the performers really do suffer for their art, enduring pain on a nightly basis. Everything in pro wrestling has meaning and is open to interpretation from critics and fans alike. Wrestlers, agents, writers and bookers all collaborate to achieve a higher purpose in creating matches that can be of artistic merit and integrity. They can be brutal, majestic, even beautiful and that's why we love professional wrestling. At its worst it can be painful to watch, but at its best it makes us nostalgic and can make us believe in heroes and villains, letting us relate to characters within the drama. Wrestling can incite emotions within us and we can feel revenge, passion, suspense and even love from watching wrestling at its absolute best. Making fans believe that they are watching something real is the key to professional wrestling as an art form. Sometimes wrestling can be very of its era and other times, especially just contained within the matches, it can be timeless. Everything, from the writing to the wrestlers performing should lead to making the audience believe and invest in what they are seeing. Wrestling is a craft. Wrestlers creates these matches and give them substance and meaning by having characters and storylines and giving matches, moves and taunts identity. Here are the 10 perfect matches that you can describe as art, the art of professional wrestling.

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