WWE: 10 Real Controversies We Want The WWE Network To Cover

WWE Network launches in the US today. But will the network ever cover any of these controversial topics?

Owen Hart WWE will make history on February 24th when they finally unveil the long awaited WWE Network to an audience of rabid wrestling fans. With a huge library of tapes beyond even their own history, the possibilities for the WWE Network are endless. Not only will we see a massive library of Pay Per Views and TV shows from the tape libraries that WWE own, it has been confirmed that we will also see new original content created by WWE themselves. So far they have only announced a few shows, including countdown shows and what look to be assisted reality TV shows along the likes of Total Divas and Legends House. Hopefully, the initial shows are successful and the company can branch out and create some more innovative shows that take more risks. One such approach that would no doubt bring in the viewers would be programming focusing on some of the biggest controversies in wrestling history. With so many wrestling stars appearing on podcasts recently, it's obvious that recapping past WWE controversies is not only entertaining but also definitely has an audience. The reason these podcasts do so well is that we get to see and hear the wrestlers in a way that we rarely get to, including taking candidly about subjects that WWE would consider taboo. If WWE want to conquer the TV and Podcast world as recently suggested, they should take note that the reason the podcasts do so well is because they aren't afraid to be honest and touch on subjects that might make some people uncomfortable. In this article we take a look at ten of wrestling's most notoriously controversial incidents and explore how the WWE could possibly approach featuring them as part of the WWE Network.
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