WWE: 10 Real Controversies We Want The WWE Network To Cover

10. The Plane Ride From Hell

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n12TAO0J1_A The WWE's 2002 trip to England started off just like any other of their yearly trips to Europe at the time. The roster flew in for their Insurrextion PPV on the Saturday and was set to return to the US the next day. As the story goes, a delay on the home flight resulted in a few of the roster drinking too much and hell breaking loose as they crossed the Atlantic. WWE in 2002 was a company in transition and thus had a mixture of veterans on board as well as some up and coming stars. This trip alone was probably enough to teach the younger members of the roster about the dangers of over indulging. Should the WWE Network ever cover real backstage controversies, the Plane Ride From Hell would be an entertaining place to start. Most famously, former Freebird and now road agent Michael Hayes became extremely intoxicated and started a heated argument with known tough guy JBL. Hayes allegedly swung for JBL but ended up being knocked on his backside. Hayes passed out soon after but the incident didn't end there. Seeing that Hayes was unconscious, some of the wrestlers decided that he needed to be taught a lesson. Being no stranger to over the top ribs (like pooping in Sable's luggage) it was no surprise that X-Pac stepped up to do the honours. X-Pac cut Hayes' trademark hair while he slept resulting in the Freebird going ballistic when he awoke. The next night at Raw, Hayes' mullet was stapled to the wall for all to see, resulting in him blowing a gasket once again. Elsewhere on the flight, Goldust did his best Wedding Singer impression by using the flights PA system to serenade his ex wife Terri, who was less than impressed by this awkward display. While all this was going on, "the Nature Boy" Ric Flair was going as natural as possible, strutting around the plane in nothing but his famous ring robes. He allegedly also exposed himself to a female flight attendant. Scott Hall remained almost comatose throughout. Soon to be megastar Brock Lesnar was one of the WWE youngsters who was dragged into the mayhem by a veteran who really should have known better. Curt Hennig had already gone to town on half of the plane with a can of shaving cream when he set his sights on the rookie experiencing his first UK tour. Mr. Perfect had downed enough liquor to decide that the beast Lesnar was a sensible target and began ribbing him about who was the better amateur wrestler. Of course, Brock was a NCAA champion and didn't take to Hennig making lightly of his accomplishments. As a result, Lesnar and Hennig ended up getting into a fight, throwing each other around the plane including getting dangerously close to the airplane door. This was the last straw for the in flight antics and Triple H, Finlay and Paul Heyman were forced to step in and separate the pair. Hennig was soon released by WWE while Brock suffered no punishment for the incident. While obviously embarrassing for those involved, there's no denying that it's an entertaining story as evidenced by X-Pac recounting some of the stories on a recent Steve Austin podcast. Though its unlikely WWE would ever want to publically revisit tales of their own superstars brawling with each other, a WWE network roundtable discussion with some of those involved could be almost like watching a comedy roast. While some things are best left buried, there are always stories like this that are okay to laugh about once enough time has passed. There'd be no harm in WWE having a public sense of humour about an incident that's not exactly a well kept secret anyway.
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