WWE: 10 Reasons Batista's Return Is Good For Business

To quote JR, the Animal has been unleashed (again). In a time where many in the IWC are complaining about the glut of returning and part-time superstars stopping the WWE from taking risks with its midcard talent and evolving new main event wrestlers, it would not be surprising if many saw Batista's return as yet another roadblock to stop the Zigglers and the Sandows from reaching their potential. However, while there is some merit to that argument, the WWE should be applauded for their acquisition of the Animal, as he will bring in lots of benefits to the company that he once left. With a 2 year contract to fufil there is a lot that Batista can do for the company to ensure that the WWE progresses further than it would without him.

10. Ring Work

Batista Vs Jericho Batista is not a great ring worker by any stretch of the imagination. If one was to list the great big men of wrestling history, his name would be a fair way behind the likes of the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. However, one thing that Batista brings to the table is a surprising level of consistency. Besides the horrific feud with the Great Khali it is difficult to remember a match that he was in that totally bombed. This shows that although he may not be the Undertaker, he can certainly be relied on to wrestle the Undertaker and make a good match out of it. If he is decent ring shape for the Wrestlemania season and beyond, then he will be able to provide the WWE with a reliability to perform for 20mins that some of the newer big men still lack (particularly Ryback). This will allow the WWE a bit more flexibility for the near future.
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