WWE: 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Cameos In Wrestling History

9. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

What time is it? Tool Time? Heck no, it's WrestleMania time. So why is Jonathan Taylor Thomas here? Thomas was, of course, the middle child and teenage heartthrob on the 90s sitcom Home Improvement. Now, wrestling's biggest fan base is composed of adult males. Having Thomas at Mania was not something that would get grown men to order the show, and was actually far more likely to turn them away. Thomas appealed to girls in the 8 to 12 year old range. That demographic usually doesn't have enough money saved up from their allowances and babysitting jobs to order a wrestling pay-per-view. WWE was loading up WrestleMania XI with "celebrities", when it probably should have been more concerned with the actual show. Besides Thomas, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy and Nicholas Tuturro of NYPD Blue fame were all there. But it was Thomas who felt the most out of place, as he was given an actual job as a timekeeper. Shouldn't child labor laws have prevented this nonsense? We also saw the teenager defeat former WWF Champion Bob Backlund in a game of chess. Why? Because it's funny! No wait...it wasn't at all. Why couldn't we have got Wilson from Home Improvement instead? At least then he wouldn't have had to show his face.

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