WWE: 10 Surprising Revelations From The 1991 Summerslam Payroll Sheet

10. Hulk Hogan And The Ultimate Warrior Were Paid The Same To Main-Event SummerSlam 1991... Kind Of

Matchmadeinhell As per a written exchange and earlier agreement between Warrior and Vince McMahon, Warrior would be paid equal to WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, and the payroll sheet shows they were both paid the same base: $75,000. However, Hogan was paid a bonus in the amount of $15,000. Any guesses as to why he was paid a bonus equal-to or greater-than several other wrestlers' base pay would be just that: a guess. From McMahon wanting to award Hogan's loyalty versus Warrior's perceived selfishness to a "Championship Bonus," any guess is valid. My guess: the powder Hogan threw in Slaughter's face at the end of The Match Made In Hell was itchy, and he needed special cream that wouldn't interfere with his bronzing agent. Additional Fun Fact: Special- referee Sid Justice made $25,000, which was $14,800 more than one of the wrestlers in the match, Gen Adnan ($12,000), and only $200 less than the Iron Sheik (Col. Mustafa) for officiating the Match Made In Hell. To top off the participants in the Main Event, Sgt. Slaughter led the heel side of the team with a $50,000 payday.

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