WWE: 10 Times Triple H Consciously Didn't Do What Was "Best For Business"

Why HHH spent over a decade doing what was only good for him in WWE... and now he runs the whole damn thing.

Triple H You know, if there's one piece of feedback I constantly receive to my work, it's that I'm far too sympathetic and forgiving to HHH. Week after week, I get people writing to me wondering when I'm going to cut loose and really give that rapscallion a good talking-to. Sadly, I've been kind of busy for the past 15 years, but I think now might be the ideal time to talk about, given that I haven't had any requests in my inbox to rebook the Invasion or John Cena heel turn theories lately. Now, let's get one thing straight here. I love HHH and feel he can do no wrong. My body of work over the years has proven that out in spades. However, some people (not me), have put forth the theory that he occasionally, OCCASIONALLY, comes off as an insecure dickhead who is out to troll the internet instead of attempting to actually draw money. Now, as preposterous as this argument might seem, I think there is some small merit of truth to it. So, tough as it was for me to struggle through this, I managed to find 10 examples of HHH seeming to use his endless backstage influence to put forth the appearance of looking better than everyone else in the universe. Or so the haters would have you believe.
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