WWE: 10 Wrestlers With Salaries You Won't Believe

10. Alberto Del Rio €“ $675,000 Downside Plus First Class Travel

Alberto Del Rio Alberto Del Rio is a constant upper mid card to main event act for the WWE. For good reason too, he is one of the very best in ring workers in the company and a real veteran in the industry. WWE pulling off the signing of Del Rio (then Dos Caras Jnr) in 2010 was a major coup for the McMahon empire €“ Caras Jnr was a huge draw in Mexico and a revered wrestling talent. WWE has Del Rio on a salary of $625,000 a year before bonuses and other royalties. Del Rio also enjoys the perk of WWE booking first class travel, an honour that was traditionally only reserved for the champion. Alberto's salary is testament to his skill and standing in the industry. Aware of the Mexican's strength as a performer, the WWE has consistently booked Del Rio in the upper mid card to main event scene. He won the 2011 Royal Rumble, as well as the 2011 Money in the bank briefcase. Alberto has held the WWE title on two occasions, and the world title also two times. Not bad for a man who has only been with the company for three years. The fact that Del Rio has enjoyed such consistency as a main eventer means that he will have earned far more than just $625,000. Bonuses for his high position on WWE cards will have made Del Rio a very rich man.
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