WWE: 10 Wrestlers With Salaries You Won't Believe

9. Mark Henry, $877,000 Downside Plus First Class Travel

mark henry When WWE first signed the Olympic weight-lifter in 1996, it looked like a huge mistake. Henry was initially signed to a lucrative 10 year contract, and it looked to be a terrible investment €“ he was awful in the ring and on the mic. Mick Foley commented on this in his first memoir, stating that the WWF office was obsessed with brain-storming for Mark Henry t-shirts and merchandise at the same time they kept knocking back Steve Austin's ideas for t shirts. Mick comments that Austin would go on to outsell Mark Henry t shirts by 10 to every one €“ 10 million to every one, that is. Despite the problems with the often injured Henry, things improved. He managed to get another contract, but it was in 2011 that WWE's faith finally paid off. Henry was a revelation as a main event heel, and had suddenly found the ability to cut superb and believable promos. His ring style improved significantly too €“ don't get me wrong, he's no Big Show, but he isn't a Great Khali either. Henry can be fairly good at times. WWE has Henry on $877,000 a year and he usually floats around the mid card to main event level. Henry is also afforded first class travel, which given his size is understandable.
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