WWE: 10 Wrestlers With Salaries You Won't Believe

4. The Big Show, $1.5 Million Plus Allocated A Personal Tour Bus And Other First Class Travel

the big show Paul 'Big Show' Wight has always enjoyed well-paying contracts. As a giant, he has been seen by promoters to be an excellent draw. Certainly in WWE he has done very well and his longevity as a main event act was demonstrated by him headlining Survivor Series 2002 and 11 years later still being the main event at Survivor Series 2013. Show signed a contract extension in January 2013 that will keep him with WWE until 2018. He is probably worth it. His best year with the company was in 2012, and the intelligent worker is at the peak of his mastery in the ring and in segments. Big Show is on $1.5 million and gets a tour bus, which given his size and mobility is an understandable consideration. The big man also likely makes considerable money on his multiple film and tv show appearances. He must be loaded with money at this stage in his career, Eric Bischoff had the giant on a million dollar contact with WCW as far back as 1995. Considering Show's significant pay, expect to see him back in more main event matches in 2014.
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