WWE: 10 Wrestlers With Salaries You Won't Believe

3. CM Punk, $1.7 Million Plus Allocated A Personal Tour Bus And Other First Class Travel, Also Some Creative Control And 3.25% Bonus On Merchandise Sales

Cm Punk1 CM Punk's contract negotiations with WWE in 2011 famously played out in WWE storylines. It was epic stuff, and the fact is that Punk's frustrations and threats to leave the company really did help him secure a superb contract. Vince and Hunter knew that Punk was a brilliant talker and worker, and with the risk of losing him they began to appreciate the full scale of his talent. Forgetting the money for a second, Punk got a contract which gave him the second best 'spot' in the company behind John Cena. The contract also afforded Punk a degree of creative control for his own promos. Punk was delighted. He also got to pick his own music, and went with the excellent Cult of Personality by Living Colour. A 3.25% bonus on merchandise sales will have also helped Punk feel more valued by the company. Money-wise Punk is on a downside of $1.7 million but probably tops $2 million with bonuses. He lives in a massive million dollar apartment in Chicago, and is so rich that he could even afford to buy friend Joey Mercury a house when the bank foreclosed on his buddy. Punk famously hates the travelling in WWE vehicles, so the company has also given their star a touring bus and other first class travel. Nevertheless, Punk continues to talk about retiring in the next few years.
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