WWE: 11 Wrestlers Who Almost Died In The Ring

The dangers of pro wrestling are very real. When WWE say "Don't try this at home", they mean it, wrestlers truly are putting their lives on the line at times. There have been various near misses over the years, unscripted incidents when performers came close to death in the ring or on WWE television. Sadly, in some cases, such as Owen Hart, tragedy has struck - he died aged just 34 after falling 78 feet from the roof of the Kemper Arena into a WWF wrestling ring. Tragedies like this haven't came along too often, thank god, but the fine margins of error in all aspects of WWE are a constant danger. Despite the safeguards WWE put in place, anything can go wrong, at any time. It isn't just wrestler's botching moves either, the complex technicality of the production assembly was what killed Owen, a faulty harness resulting in his fall from the arena roof back in 1999. While a roof spot has never been done since, 'final destination' moments are still a risk all over the rigorous production of WWE events - just take a look when Undertaker's entrance pyro engulfed him in fire back at Elimination Chamber 2010. Thankfully Undertaker managed to escape that incident with only minor burns. There have been various other incidents in the ring and on WWE television which could have seen tragedy, only for the wrestler to escape with their lives. This list will take a look at ten of these near misses, 11 wrestlers who almost died in the wrestling ring...
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