WWE: 11 Wrestlers Who Almost Died In The Ring

11. X-Pac Nearly Kills Himself With Anal Tear In The Ring

Ouch, if there's one thing you don't want to die from, it's an anal tear. Back in 2013, X-Pac was wrestling against Jerry Lynn in Minneapolis at an Indie show, as the pun now goes in the IWC "He didn't just get his ass kicked -- he literally got it ripped apart." There was nothing funny about the severity of this in-ring injury however, it legitimately almost killed Pac, who ended up getting an emergency sphincteroplasty for a torn anus. The former WWE star suffered the torn anus after going for his patented 'bronco buster' move, which seen him landing crotch first on the bottom ring ropes. It was only afterwards that Pac noticed an "enormous amount of blood in his singlet", prompting the emergency surgery to save his life. As X-Pac told TMZ, "Anus ripping nearly killed me."
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