WWE: 11 Wrestlers Who Almost Died In The Ring

9. Mick Foley Is Thrown Off Hell In A Cell

"Good god almighty! Good god almighty! That killed him!" Jim Ross yelled after Undertaker lobbed Mick Foley off the roof of Hell in a cell at King of the ring 1998. Standing at the top of the cell, peering down at Foley's carcass, Undertaker had a cold look of brutality. Asked later what was going through his head, Undertaker replied "I thought he was dead." Just how close Foley did come to death from his 16 foot fall off the cell was down to the grace of luck. He managed to land fairly well on the wooden announce table, still a dangerous impact in itself, but one which also served to cushion his fall on to the concrete below. Watching it back, it's plain reckless and stupid. Did it create the greatest visual of all time? Yes, perhaps. But would it have been worth Foley's life, no, absolutely not. It's easy to say in retrospect that the bump was done as safely as possible, but just one change in velocity or direction and Foley may not have been so lucky.
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