WWE: 11 Wrestlers Who Almost Died In The Ring

8. Droz

Droz was a WWF wrestler who walked into a Smackdown ring in October 1999, never to step back out of it. A D'lo Brown running power bomb wasn't executed properly, resulting in Droz landing on his head. The ramifications of this could have killed Droz, the velocity could have severed his spine, but it ended up being two fractured discs. Tragically, this was so severe, that Droz has never walked since, losing control of his lower body. The taped match never aired and neither D'lo or Droz have blamed the other, stating that it was just a freak accident. Droz continues to work with the WWE in whatever capacity he can, mostly as a columnist for the website. The way he has dealt with the injury has been admirable, a positive reaction to an overwhelmingly negative event. Perhaps Droz is too busy being happy he never lost his life that night, his disability is a blow, but he continues to live his days to the fullest.
WWE Writer

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