WWE: 12 Most Controversial WrestleMania Moments Ever

The biggest shocks and storms in the history of WWE's main event.

This week finally sees the biggest event on the WWE calendar, as the hottest bill of the year kicks off at WrestleMania XXX. The card is locked, promising personal battles of epic proportions for Daniel Bryan, Triple H, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, and a multi-entrant event in the shape of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal that is likely to be a talking point well beyond the end of the event. With only a couple of days to go until the doors open on Vince McMahon's crowning event, hype has built to a critical level, with fans clamouring for as much new information as possible, and any hints of what to expect. One thing that is certain is that we can all expects the typical thrills and spills that come with the main event billing, with resolutions (or at least moments of temporary vengeance) for the storylines currently dominating the company. Could there also be controversy and shocks? The history of the event would suggest there's a good possibility, and any event that has any input at all from Vince McMahon is invariably going to come with the potential for wide open eyes and jaws. The following notorious incidents are the most divisive, shocking and debate-starting moments in the history of the main event: from infamous heel turns to unwarranted victories, with expectations high that this year's event promises more entries when it kicks off on Sunday night...
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