WWE 13 - A-Z Of THQ's Return To The Attitude Era

B is for Broken Rings

In a memorable moment from WWE Vengeance back in October, The Big Show and Mark Henry decimated the canvas in a clash of the titans encounter, the sheer force and weight of them crashing down onto the mat from a top rope superplex collapsed the ring under their power. THQ have taken it upon themselves to include this in their game and promote it as a key feature in the trailer, promising fans to relive the moment and adhere to the fact that 'Anything Can Happen' in the world of Pro Wrestling. But has anyone raised the question as to what happens when the ring has been reduced to a less level platform? Does the gameplay continue, regardless to lack of rope and turnbuckle or is the match brought to a complete halt as each combatant is left incapacitated? And which would we actually prefer? We imagine the match would be over but we can't say for sure.

C is for Creation

CAW or Create A Wrestler, no WWE game (or wrestling game for that matter) could now be without it and as usual THQ again have taken it a step further, by giving fans the ability to tweak and potter with their creations more than ever before. From wrestler to arena, entrance routines to moves - even more emphasis has been put on the ability to mould and craft your own game and as always, allowing you the to share your creations with the rest of the WWE Universe. So fans can continue to live out their darkest dreams... Crazy Clown or Naked Thong Man tattooed to the hilt... hours will again be spent on developing your Superstar, ensuring that the colour of his or her left glove is just right. CAW also means you can create your own authentic WWE Attitude Era superstars who likely won't be included in the game such as Gangrel, Viscera, Mideon and Test - so you can have your own Corporate Ministry roster!

D is for DLC

WWE 12 had so many surprises building towards its release last year and if we know with THQ there will be even more surprises in store for this year's edition. Last year's downloadable content was in the form of additional wrestlers such as Mick Foley, Batista and even Macho Man Randy Savage, along with alternative attires for Superstars already included in the game. We won't get ahead of ourselves and speculate who or what we could be expecting to see prior to its release, mainly because the current roster hasn't been announced in its entirety yet. One thing we can be assured though, is that THQ will have some tricks up their sleeve and they will grow upon the great extras they gave us last year. Fingers crossed for Macho Man again!
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