WWE: 13 Hilariously Bad Gimmick Matches

Vince McMahon has gone to some incredible lengths to make sure nobody gets bored. Not all gimmicks have been welcome...

Professional wrestling has had many different special match types over the years, many of which withstand the test of time and wind up becoming a part of wrestling lore. The steel cage match, the ladder match, the Hell In A Cell match, and the Hardcore Match continue to excite, delight, and ignite the millions of wrestling fans coming together to witness a spectacle in the making. However, some match types are part of wrestling lore for an entirely different reason; they're downright terrible in that there's no way one could defend their existence without planting their tongue firmly in their cheek. Sometimes these matches only appeared once and were quickly swept under the rug - and rightfully so - but other times it takes a handful of appearances before the powers that be realise that it doesn't work. There's even one or two of these matches that somehow still manage to get put on television, despite obvious issues. Some of the matches on this list are a product of their time while the rest will make you think, "what were they thinking?" Here are just thirteen gimmick matches that are so terrible, you can't help but laugh at how bad they were.
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