WWE: 13 Worst Mic Users In Wrestling History

13. Curtis Axel

This last spot came down to Axel and Ryback, and ultimately Ryback was left out because during his feud with John Cena he did cut a couple of reasonable promos - albeit ones that were mostly angry shouting. Still, that's more than can be said about Curtis Axel, who has got a great amount of in-ring ability but matches it with zero charisma. His promos sound like he is a speaker at a high school debating society rather than a superstar on a wrestling program as he calmly illustrates his points without acknowledging the crowd or attempting to draw heat from them. It must have been so frustrating for the WWE when Paul Heyman came out and cut a brilliant first half of the promo only to then have Axel come along and drain every drop of energy from it, so the angle hype just died. Axel is in the tag team division at the moment with Ryback, which will hopefully give him the chance to slowly work on his promos without too much focus (the same goes for Ryback). The WWE knows he can speak clearly and well with little blemishes, they just have to make him emote. With this in mind the WWE should possibly be careful to give Axel more of a definitive 'look and idea' when he comes back to single competition. Perhaps then they will know if Axel has any potential on the stick.

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