WWE: 13 Worst Mic Users In Wrestling History

12. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston gets a lot of flack for being happy-go-lucky without much substance under the surface, but in all probability the thing that is keeping him on this list isn't actually his mic skills, but rather the WWE itself. There is no doubt that as the WWE continues down its path of trying to capture the kids that they will earmark certain superstars that with their move sets or their image to appeal to tat demographic. Kingston is the epitome of that line of though: he is a star given a permanent spot on its midcard, but in all probability will not reach any further because in the WWE's mind, he is there to have high impact, but relatively brief matches. This is for Kingston to either capture midcard titles or to job to bigger and badder heels in order for someone like John Cena to defeat them down the line. With this in mind, Kingston is never really going to make any complex promos to really entice the audience, as it will go over many of what the WWE considers his core audience. Furthermore he is not going to get the time to make the sort of promos that will be remembered as really interesting anyway, as they are often saved for main event talents. Should the WWE decide to actually pull the trigger and make Kingston a heel then maybe the WWE universe will get a better measure of whether he is actually a good mic worker or not. For now though - despite it being no fault of his own - his record is poor enough to warrant inclusion here.

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