WWE: 30 Things That Must Happen After WrestleMania 30

If these things don't happen, we riot.

With this being WrestleMania 30, lot's of people are looking to the past, reliving 30 years of Mania history on the WWE Network. But what about the future? Here at WhatCulture we are all about forward thinking. Making a success of WrestleMania is easy for WWE, the event sells on name alone, but what about the rest of the year? How can the company best act to give themselves further glories throughout 2014? This feature will answer those questions, in the spirit of this being 30 years of WrestleMania, we will look at 30 things that must happen after the big event this April. Everything from creative ideas to corporate matters, this will be the definitive list of directions WWE needs to take in making 2014 a year to remember. Let's get straight to it, the very first thing WWE must do...

30. WWE Must 100% Get Behind Daniel Bryan

The most immediate thing WWE need to do after WrestleMania 30 is properly support Daniel Bryan as a main event guy once he becomes Champion (he will surely get the belt at Mania, or at worst Extreme Rules). Upon becoming Champ, he can't be allowed to be wasted as a second rate star, he must be perceived as an equal to Cena. It can't be booked like CM Punk's secondary 2012 role as Champion, Bryan must be the man for real this spring / summer. WWE must avoid booking him as what Rey Mysterio ended up being in 2006, a champion pushed so hard as an underdog he ended up being perceived as a loser. Upon winning the title, Bryan and WWE must make the transition from being underdog to being a strong dominant wrestler. The other danger is Bryan could end up like Eddie Guerrero. Latino Heat was a popular star on his way up the ladder, but failed to get over as a main eventer. It will be essential WWE offers all the support they can to avoid such situations with Daniel Bryan. People love an underdog, but once Champion it can be a different story. Strong booking of Bryan as a relatable superhero will be required, he must be taken seriously as the WWE Title holder. If they get it right, they have a hugely exciting and potential filled main event star on the books.
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