WWE: 5 Reasons Why Wrestling Will Never Be Great Again

5. The Attitude Era

BeFunky_rockvsaustin Wrestling will never have an 'attitude era' again. As fans, that absolutely SUCKS. The attitude era of the late 90's speared wrestling into the new millennium. It was the most exciting time in wrestling's long, glorious history. There was nothing like it. As a kid you didn't know what was real and what was fake. The lines were blurred. Unfortunately that's all gone now. Now we're all too smart for our own good. Wrestling during the late 90's left us with an unrealistic depiction of what we had to look forward to in the years that followed. In a way, wrestling was TOO good then. We were spoiled. Looking back, we probably took it for granted too. During the attitude era, there were real STARS. Guys you could build a company around. Ric Flair was in his prime, Hogan was thriving a second win, Stone Cold was a badass, The Rock was developing into something special. Vince McMahon was building an empire, risks were taken, we reaped the rewards. The attitude era will forever be known as wrestling's zenith, a height in which we'll never see again. Ugh.
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