WWE: 5 WCW Match Types That Should Return

wcw aa WCW may be best remembered for the NWO angle. A storyline that basically made wrestling "cool" back in the 90s. But there was so much more to World Championship Wrestling... like ridiculous gimmick matches, some of which are considered the worst matches of all time. Though that's not really fair, it's not the matches fault, or the wrestlers who took part in them. WCW is to blame for these profoundly stupid match types. In the right hands with the right participates some of WCW's dumbest stipulations could become legendary battles talked about for generations. Or at the very least a mild laugh on a Monday night. Here are five WCW matches that WWE needs to bring back and give a fair chance.

5. Piñata On a Pole Match Vince Russo seemed to believe the ticket to exciting television was to have two or more people fight it out for an object suspended on a pole. Oh good old Vince would put just about anything on a pole, from Viagra to Buff Bagwell's mother. But the most inspired of all objects on a pole occur one Monday night during an episode of WCW Monday Nitro. Russo booked five top luchadores Silver King, Villano V, El Dandy, Psychosis, and Juventud Guerrera into a match where the five men would fight it out for a ten-thousand dollar tucked safely in a Piñata. That doesn't sound racist at all...right? Each wrestler was given a stick and the chance to crack open the Piñata and reap the rewards there in. In WWE'S PG era this match would thrive. Kids love Piñatas and WWE loves to humiliate their workers. They could take five or more guys, do it around Cinco De Mayo (you know for the extra bit of insensitivity) and have them race to crack open the Piñata. Inside? Candy of course, candy to be tossed out to the kids in the front row. Because nothing says PG like candy and stereotypes.
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