WWE: 5 Wrestlers Who Could Be The New Anti-Authority Babyface

The WWE have always had their clean cut babyfaces- the ones who open the shows and go to various PR events in the knowledge that the WWE brand will be enhanced by these people speaking for them. Hulk Hogan and John Cena are perfectly good examples of this of these brand exemplars that may not be the best wrestlers in the company, but can be relied upon to spout the company message at every opportunity. However, since the Attitude Era it has become clear that while these sorts of clean cut heroes may appease some of the younger fans as well as the brand's stockholders, there was another demographic that needed heroes to represent them. These people were not usually part of the mainstream, but rather people that saw themselves as on the margins who regarded the establishment with suspicion, if not outright hostility. The last of the anti-establishment babyfaces was CM Punk, whose rage against the machine was apparent throughout his WWE career- but became even more apparent after he dropped the 2011 pipe bomb promo that shot him into the stratosphere. Now that Punk has left the WWE, they need not be overly concerned as the roster is so deep with talent that there is no doubt that in the long term the new anti-establishment babyface will present themselves. However in the short term there is void that needs to be answered. Here's 5 wrestlers who could fill it.
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