WWE: 5 Wrestlers Who Could Be The New Anti-Authority Babyface

5. Rob Van Dam

rob_van_dam2 Everything about RVD screams rebel. His background in ECW allowed him to have his fair share of extreme matches with the likes of Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman just to name a couple. Add to this his unorthodox but high flying and high impact move set and it is easy to see why fans who are sick of the cookie cutter babyfaces may gravitate towards Mr Monday Night. RVD has made no secret of the fact that he'll be back in the WWE at some point and there is no doubt that he has experience at the upper reaches of the card in 20+ min matches. So if the WWE feel that the Authority could use with another foe, then RVD could be a good name to throw into the mix. The only problem with RVD is that on the mic he is not what you would call...compelling. While other performers were at least able to put together a decent promo when they needed to, RVD's promos have always been a bit pedestrian. This is partly because his laid back surfie style has always been part of his gimmick and partly because he has never felt that comfortable with the mic in his hand. The WWE would therefore need to arrange his angles carefully , should he be called on to try and help fill CM Punk's place for a short while.
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