WWE: 6 Crowds That Most Hated John Cena

3. Raw After Wrestlemania 28

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjGo2m7XnQk Wrestlemania 28. Once in a lifetime. The Rock defeated John Cena on the grandest stage of them all in a match for the ages. Surely the night after at Raw, the Miami fans will applaud Cena for his participation in such a great match, surely they will put their differences with Cena aside and respect him for at least one night after such a thrilling main event. Well as it seems they didn€™t applaud him...or respect him...they booed...a lot. Cena was still the same figure of controversy and adversity in the WWE, the Miama audience made that very clear. Throughout the sea of boos and jeers, there was one moment when the crowd cheered during Cena€™s appearance, although that moment was when Brock Lesnar emerged and delivered a brutal F-5 to Cena. This shows Cena is capable of being cheered by fans who aren€™t children, that is, as long as he€™s being pummeled by other wrestlers.
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