WWE: 6 Crowds That Most Hated John Cena

2. Vs. CM Punk - Money In The Bank 2011

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzhnpH6d5FQ For those of you weren€™t watching WWE at this time or for those who have forgotten just how great it was, let me paint a picture for you. The year was 2011, the PG era was in full swing and John Cena was currently the WWE Champion (surprise, surprise) and CM Punk had just won a triple threat match that granted him number one contender status for Superman Cena€™s title. After the match Punk told the fans that his contract was expiring at midnight on July 17th, the same date as the Money in the Bank PPV, and that he was planning on leaving the WWE with the championship. Next week on Raw, Punk delivered one of the most famous promos in all of WWE history, now affectionately known as the €˜Pipe bomb€™ promo in which Punk took to the ramp and let loose on the WWE. Actually let loose is a severe understatement. In what was thought to be at the time a real shoot, Punk took shots at the McMahon family, as well as Cena, The Rock and Hogan labelling them €œass-kissers€ and even proclaimed that the WWE will be better off when Vince McMahon is dead. Punk not only broke the fourth wall, he tore it down by saying hi to Colt Cabana and referencing Ring Of Honour and New Japan Pro Wrestling. After a turn of events, a stipulation was added to the match that dictated if Cena lost he would be forced to retire from the WWE. July 17th couldn€™t come quicker. The Money in the Bank PPV could not have been in a better city for what was about to transpire that night, the Chicago fans were electric. The main event rolled around quickly and the fans were ready for Cena Vs. Punk. The atmosphere was incredible, the audience was littered with €œIf Cena wins we riot€ signs and the Chicago audience were ready to make their voice heard. Words cannot describe how good this match was, so I implore anyone who hasn€™t seen it to watch the video above and experience it firsthand. The fans hated Cena more than I€™ve ever seen a crowd hate Cena, well except for one crowd that is...
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