WWE: 6 Insanely Disfunctional Backstage Romances

It makes sense that wrestling company employees would hook up. They travel the world together, spending countless hours confined to rental cars and airplanes with only each other to compensate for crushing boredom. Then when it's showtime they strip down to their underwear and oil each other up. Things will happen - and have. Sometimes it works out well. CM Punk has one of the largest and most impressive dating résumés of female wrestlers and you'd be hard pressed to find a past flame that has anything seriously bad to say about him. If you've watched Total Divas - firstly, shame on you and secondly you'll see how sweet and wholesome Daniel Bryan's relationship with Brie Bella appears to be. These are the women and men who have managed to behave like well adjusted adults. A feat that as this list shows, is often harder than it seems.
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