WWE: 7 Wrestlers Who Could Make Evolution Better

The band is back together. One of the biggest stables in WWE history has been reformed. Sure, they were never quite in the league of the NWO or the 4-Horsemen, but Evolution was a popular top act for a couple years a decade ago. The group held gold, kept Ric Flair in a prominent TV role and turned Randy Orton and Batista into stars. Not too shabby. Three of the four members have now joined forces, and are set to battle this generation's stable of choice in The Shield. While this may be a short-term pairing, it's possible that they'll stick together for some time to come. Instead of just making each other more relevant, WWE should strongly consider sharing some of that popularity with another wrestler or two. After all, Evolution was comprised of four men and not three. With Flair nowhere in sight yet, it's possible that they will keep the stable a trio. That would be a mistake. There are plenty of wrestlers on the roster who could use the rub that a spot in Evolution would give them. From new faces, to lost mid-carders, to legends, here are seven wrestlers who would make the new Evolution more interesting.

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