WWE: 8 Major Injuries That Ended The Undertaker's Career

8. Face Injuries

You might have noticed how different Undertaker looked in the early 90's compared to the later years of his career. The reason for this was a devastatingly painful facial injury which legitimately could have seen him blinded. The incident happened in 1995 when Mabel botched a clothesline to Undertaker, basically ending up more of a clubbing to the side of the face around the eye. It legitimately crushed Undertaker's cheek bone and damaged his eye socket. You can see the difference in his face pre 1995 and post 1995. It led to The Deadman having to wear the grey mask in the time afterwards, a genuine protection for his bashed face which needed reconstructing with mesh and metal. The painful injury is something Taker has had to live with ever since. It is still a problem for him and in 2010 a botched Rey Mysterio dive resulted in Undertaker re-injuring the area, suffering a broken orbital bone around the eye. His vision is now not what it should be and he has to avoid blows to the area in his matches.
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