WWE: 8 Matches To Make The Perfect UK PPV

8. The New Day vs. 3MB

The hapless 3MB were always received well in the UK, particularly due to Drew McIntyre's Scottish heritage and whilst McIntyre and Mahal are no longer with the company, it would be a fine idea to bring them both back for a night as a special attraction. On the opposite side of the ring should stand The New Day, a piss poor attempt at finding three random black guys something to do, which the UK crowd (along with others) made clear their feelings about the night after Wrestlemania. Ever the opportunists, WWE has taken the gift given to them by that crowd and used it to turn them heel. Thank you IWC! As such, this match would fit perfect as an opening bout, with a one-night return of Mahal and particularly McIntyre giving the crowd something to pop for right off of the bat. Obviously, 3MB would win.
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