WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (August 16)

That moment when Randy Orton calls you fat.

The biggest wrestling event of the summer is coming up quick, and WWE has done an effective job of promoting exactly two matches. Not bad! It€™s a good thing they decided to leave Sting off the show, because you don€™t want to make SummerSlam seem like a more important show than Battleground. So what did we learn this week in wrestling? Well, we saw that a guy from moderately popular comic book show can easily take down a trained wrestler. Ric Flair told us he'd be thrilled if John Cena broke his record for most title reigns...which makes exactly one person who would be thrilled. And Global Force Wrestling declared war on TNA wrestling. That's like a cousin you've never heard of showing up at your family reunion, and threatening to beat up your dead grandpa. In this week€™s edition of €œWhy Do the Announcers Still Have Their Jobs?€ Byron Saxton, Michael Cole and JBL all failed to mention at any point that Mark Henry vs. Rusev was a direct re-match from last week. They also feigned disgust that Summer Rae attacked Lana from behind€kind of how like Lana did that exact same multiple times to Summer already. But let€™s not waste anymore time. We've got a lot to get through, so let's call up Shawn and Marty and Rocker Drop our way through WWE and TNA's worst of the week!

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