WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Feb 19)

Ellsworth overstays his welcome, and an unhinged announcer is on the loose.

maria sienna

This week in professional wrestling, Raw had two of the best segments we’ve seen all year, while Impact had two of their worst segments ever. Seriously, The Festival of Friendship was a modern wrestling masterpiece, and Samoa Joe’s sit down interview with Michael Cole was one of the strongest performances of his career. Luckily some bad stuff happened in WWE as well, otherwise I wouldn't have much to write about.

After four months, Emmalina finally made her debut, then management apparently thought she wasn’t any good in the role so they scrapped it immediately. It was a bizarre gimmick in the first place, as her work with Dana Brooke many moons ago seemed to be getting her over on the main roster. Oh well. They’ll probably find something equally bad for Emma to play...which we’ll see debut sometime in mid-2019.

Then there's good old TNA, where nothing seems to go right! The Hardys went to Mexico to battle Super Crazy and Psicosis, in what should have been a fun match. Except they couldn't show the ref's face, because he had a contract with Lucha Underground so we only got a few clips! More organized promotions probably would have figured that out ahead of time, but TNA being TNA it would have been odd if something ridiculously weird didn't play out.

But let’s not waste anymore time. It’s time to rant about the 7 worst moments of the week from WWE and TNA.


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