WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Feb 19)

7. Josh Needs Help And He Needs To Go

Josh Matthews TNA

Seriously, what the hell is this:

Normally I don’t make a point to give someone’s Twitter feed a “worst”, but has Josh Matthews lost his damn mind?

It seems that he got sick of people making fun of him and calling out his inflated ego, so he decided to dive headfirst into the jerk pool and portray some sort of character/troll on social media. If he were an ex-wrestler/announcer, then sure, what the hell, go for it and be an ass to people for laughs. But this man is the voice of Impact, so shouldn’t someone in management tell him to cool it? The brand is already toxic as it is, so the more wrestling fans he pisses off, the less there will be to possibly come back and give them another chance.

It all started with Matthews claiming on Twitter that he’s the best play-by-play guy in the biz (which isn't new, as he said it in an interview with The Torch a couple nears back). Now, if Mauro Ranallo said that, it would still be a dickish thing to say, but maybe true. If you account for Raw, SmackDown, NXT, Impact, ROH and Lucha Underground, then Josh is in a firm sixth out of sixth for best play-by-play announcer. I don't know, maybe he’s better than Tom Phillips? But that’s not an argument I’m really interested in having, unless I'm extremely drunk and just want to ramble about anything.

So anyway, here's a little of what Josh has been up to on Twitter lately: He’s been cheering on Donald Trump (perhaps part of his new character thing, but even WWE has been distancing themselves from him and their top brass just visited the Oval Office!), he’s been insulting Jeremy Borash, Shark Boy, Tony Schiavone, people who work in factories, and as shown above, millennials...AN ENTIRE DEMOGRAPHIC WHO COULD WATCH IMPACT. Even if this is a shtick he’s doing for fun or to create controversy, it's really bad business for his employer.

Gimmick or no gimmick, this guy continues to make a bad product worse. Time for him to go.


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