WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (July 24)

The draft was low on surprises, high on bad logic!

This week in wrestling was all about WWE's brand split and the draft. The company has been drastically shaken up, and the next few months will be fascinating to see how they handle it. WWE has been telling us for weeks that SmackDown will no longer be the de-facto B-show, then Shane and Daniel went ahead and drafted Mojo Rawley over Shinsuke Nakamura, which tells us that we should probably do something else with our Tuesday nights.

The draft was a weird experience to watch, as on the post-show we basically witnessed Alberto Del Rio come to terms in front of hundreds of thousands of fans that his relationship with Paige was likely coming to an end. We saw Shane McMahon struggling to think on his feet when questioned on draft picks, and we watched his sister point out his increasingly growing sweating problem. He’s somehow become the shiniest person on the roster.

With WWE’s big week, I’ve left TNA off of this edition. If they split their company in two, then they can have all seven worsts to themselves. Though that would mean each brand would have roughly 8 people. Now let’s not waste anymore time, let’s make like Curtis Axel and job our way through WWE’s worst of the week!


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