WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (July 3)

Sandwiches, shoots, and Matt Hardy.

dean ambrose sandwich smackdown

This week in the world of professional wrestling, we learned that Shane McMahon has a weird vacation schedule. Sure, some other things went on, but why didn’t he just take his two Mondays off in June back-to-back? Ridiculous.

WWE seems to not have any master plan over the next few weeks before the brand split, so we had to watch as they tried to pretend that A.J. Styles will be inserted into the main event of the next pay-per-view, and that John Cena will then have absolutely nothing to do for the night. We also didn’t receive a new Darren Young segment on SmackDown, so we can only assume that Bob Backlund learned you can’t make someone great again when they were never great in the first place. And what if they get drafted to different brands?

Over in TNA, Bobby Lashley seems to have gone back to wearing a headband throughout his matches. This is a bad cosmetic choice that someone in power needs to talk to him about. It should probably be at the top of the company’s things to do. Billy Corgan also was heelish again, but it’s likely because he’s a little upset that he decided to buy into a promotion that will feature The Hardyz fighting in a garage next week.

But let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s make like Bam Bam Bigelow as we Greetings From Asbury Park our way through WWE and TNA’s worst of the week.


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