WWE Announce 13 Entrants For WrestleMania 35 Women's Battle Royal

Unlucky 13 shunted to Fabu... er, multi-man match.

WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal

What a week it's been for Asuka. On the eve of Tuesday night, the Empress of Tomorrow was probably lying awake agog with excitement, giddy at the prospect of defending her SmackDown Women's Championship against a luminary such as Mandy Rose!

Well, in the words of Steven Tyler: "dream on". The next night, Asuka lost her title to Charlotte, and now WWE have announced that her WrestleMania role will be in the second Not-The-Fabulous-Moolah Women's Battle Royal.

Anything besides a victory for the deposed Japanese star will be a bit of a kick in the proverbials, her moment having been so cruelly sacrificed for the greater good of the company's women's division.


Alongside Asuka, WWE last night announced 12 more competitors for their second Women's Andre Battle Royal. The names include 2018's victor Naomi who, after been denied a chance to challenge for the SmackDown title at WrestleMania, joked on Twitter that maybe this would be cancelled also. It probably wasn't the smartest quip, given the murky context of last year's rebrand.

The full list of superstars so far slated for Sunday are as follows:


- Asuka

- Carmella


- Naomi

- Lana

- Mandy Rose

- Sonya Deville

- Nikki Cross

- Dana Brooke

- Ruby Riott

- Liv Morgan

- Sarah Logan

- Mickie James

- Zelina Vega

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