WWE Announces New Line Of Wines

Pop corks with The Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior.


WWE has today announced a new collection of wines set to ship on 22 October.

Produced in collaboration with renowned wine tastemaker Andrew Nelson, the first couple of bottles are produced around The Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior.

“For The Undertaker’s Limited-Edition 30 Barrel Series, we used 100% premium Cabernet Sauvignon from Lodi, California aged in oak. For The Ultimate Warrior, we looked to Mendocino County for a high quality, full bodied and flavorful Zinfandel," said Nelson through WWE's official press release. 'Taker's wine is limited to just thirty barrels.


Warrior's widow Dana Warrior called collaborating with Nelson's Wines That Rock "an amazing experience," having produced a Zinfandel/Sangiovese blend together.

The wines are currently available for preorder on, with the individually-numbered bottles to be sent out on 22 October. There's no word on future releases at the moment.


Both wines are currently available in packs of two bottles, four bottles, and six bottles, with prices starting at $100 for the double packs. Bad news for international wrestling wine connoisseurs, though: only ships within the United States at the moment.

Expect Chris Jericho's thoughts on A Little Bit of the Bubbly's new competition imminently.

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